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Hello, I'm Rachel Oaks.

Headshot of Rachel Oaks, owner/founder of Sunny Oaks Studios

I'm the founder and Creative Director of Sunny Oaks Studios, a video production and content creation company in Bedford, Pennsylvania. At Sunny Oaks Studios, our top priority is creating thoughtful and engaging videos, photos, and other marketing content. We strive to deliver professional quality promptly. My strengths are videography, editing, and producing, but I love all aspects of video production and content creation. I have helped local businesses increase brand awareness, grow their social media audience by 25%, and improve engagement with my video content.

Storytelling is in my blood. My mother is a Christian screenwriter, and my dad is a lifelong salesman. Their unique perspectives taught me that everyone has a story, whether it's an event to document, a product to sell, or a fictional tale to be told. 

Filmmaking is in my soul. My love for filmmaking started in junior high school when my dad let me borrow the family's Sony Handycam camcorder. I joined the Broadcasting crew in high school, studied Film and Video at Pennsylvania State University, and graduated with honors, earning a Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University. 

My other interests include wrangling my two children, listening to EDM with my husband, forcing my cat to snuggle with me, cursing at my Peloton, and dancing in the kitchen while waiting for the microwave to finish.

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